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Halcyon: Focus 5.2 canister light
  Halcyon: Focus 5.2 canister light
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  • A new standard in underwater light technology. Powered by an unique Halcyon LUX engine, the Focus will produce about twice the output of a 21W HID while drawing less than half the power. With a fully adjustable beam, an ideal torch for underwater video purposes

  • Fully adjustable beam, from intense focused beam to very wide flood
  • Light source: Highest quality LED diode
  • Circuit: Magnetic switch controlling off, low and high modes
  • Distance from light - max power: 39,300 lux at 1 meter, 4,100 lux at 3 meters, 1,550 lux at 5 meters
  • Distance from light - low power: 17,600 lux at 1 meter, 1,900 lux at 3 meters, 730 lux at 5 meters
  • Luminous Flux: 975 lumens
  • Run time: 300+ minutes at max power, 900+ minutes at low power
  • Auto shut-down on low power and when internal temperatures exceed operationally safe parameters
  • Protection against overheating
  • Battery type: Replaceable rechargeable LiOn battery cell pack
  • Modes Of Operation: 5.2 Ampere
  • Weight: 1,300 grams
  • Material: Solid piece of Delrin
  • Canister has three sealed compartments, isolating the LED core, the driver, and the cable gland
  • Depth rating: 300 meters

  • Fully-adjustable handle, which can be set for left or right hand operation
  • Charger

  • Standard cord or E/O cordkabel
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