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Metalsub: Battery tank FX1210

  • Battery type: Rechargeable NiMh
  • Modes Of Operation: 9 Ampere
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Dimensions: 340 x 65 x 75 mm
  • Weight above water: 2800 grams
  • Weight under water: 1600 grams
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminum, impregnated with wear and corrosion resistant Teflon
  • Mounting: On tank by fixed mounting bracket
  • Depth rating: 150 meter
  • Charging time: 5 hours with quick charger MP2500
Run time
in minutes
KL1242 LED2400 290
KL1242 LED5100 130
KL1242 LED6350 115
VL1242 LED5500 230

Run time is highly dependent on water temperature.
Values are measured at a water temperature of 20° C.
In colder water (10° C), the LED indication of the light head
may go from green to orange after a few minutes.
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